We had a wonderful experience working with eBrandz and the success of the Affiliate Program has clearly given a new direction to my business.

Mr Nay Phu Tran(CEO, Managing Director)

Direct Flights International Pty Ltd

I’ve been stung before with people providing expert online marketing – It’s hard to know who to trust, I was sick of getting 4-5 calls per day of people trying to sell me something they didn’t have the skill or the expertise to get honest results for my business. That all changed after dealing with eBrandz, no rubbish contracts, constant support and communication and most importantly phone calls. I’m happy to tell you about my story with eBrandz - 0431 55 04 06

Gary McGregor


Very professional outfit. eBrandz did a great job in understanding my business and getting me the type of work I wanted. Thank you

Luke Mitchell

Luke Mitchell Electrical

I've been using eBrandz for 6 Months now, during that time traffic has doubled to our website and we have now have nine #1 rankings and an additional twelve more keywords on the first page of Google. I recommend eBrandz to anyone wanting to increase their web traffic and rankings.

David Upham

Lorne Hotel

eBrandz has used all the feed back we had given them about the lead quality, as well as doing their own research to bring our cost per sale down from well over $200 per sale to less than $100 per sale.

Dan Arndt - Principal

Cardservice Paradise

We initially signed up with them for SEO services. We were really impressed with their knowledge and expertise and finally decided to engage eBrandz to plan and manage our Pay-Per-Click campaign. They are highly responsive to requests, constantly answer all the queries and delivered reports in a timely fashion. Their highly professional service ensures exceeding our targeted and focussed campaign. Within a fortnight we saw great improvement in traffic and enquiries. We have witnessed phenomenal increase in the number of weekly request received by us and a large number of leads have even led to sales. I have already recommended eBrandz to my friends in Colombia.

Camilo Gomez

Business Director Mantarayakayak.com

eBrandz has provided excellent service at all times. In-fact, i always though no one would know more about web sites and management than people offshore. Thanks to their profound and professional work, we noticed improvement in traffic and enquiries within a fortnight. I really have no hesitation in recommending eBrandz because they did exactly what they said they would do. They can be a strategic ally to any company who desire to get a significant edge over their competitors online.

Clara Zakirova

Owner, Five Star Colonics

eBrandz has been an incredible service for us. They are always attentive and accommodating. It is nice to work with a company that treats your business' interests as it's own. Working with eBrandz has always been smooth and easy. Thank you for your dedication, and for always going above and beyond what was needed

Queens Smile

Owner, GentleDental

eBrandz has always been very considerate of their clients. They were always conscious of and respectful of me as their client and now that the staff has expanded they are a very effective, structured company. I have recommended eBrandz to many companies. I am always very happy to see their growth and expansion and will continue to praise them for their honest and effective approach to what can be a very seedy SEO world.

Stuart Sherman

Owner, GoToBaby.com

eBrandz has always been very considerate of their clients. They were always conscious of and respectful of me as their client and now that the staff has expanded they are a very effective, structured company. I have recommended eBrandz to many companies. I am always very happy to see their growth and expansion and will continue to praise them for their honest and effective approach to what can be a very seedy SEO world.

Scot Robinson

President, LendingLeaders.com

At first we were somewhat skeptical about signing up with eBrandz, even though they have a good track record. We have however, achieved higher rankings on top search engines with our set of key words, and visitor numbers have increased. We believe eBrandz has met our expectations and have also been impressed with the helpful attitude of the staff. We would recommend eBrandz!

Dr N K Mohindra

Added Dimension Dentistry

Working with eBrandz has been extremely comfortable. Not only did they respond to our queries immediately but they also maintained the SEO schedule. The team is very prompt and co-operative in all respects. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the quality of Search Engine Optimization work that has been put in by the ebrandz team and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies. Infact based on our SEO results, we have already recommended eBrandz for BE (www.beexpressions.com)

Vinayak Sukthankar(Director, Sales and Marketing)

J.K. Ansell Ltd

eBrandz has not only help increase my business but has got me thinking that there is so much more I can do with my business. The success of the campaigns has clearly given a new direction to the Company. The team not only has helped me in my PPC Campaign but also SEO. The team at eBrandz is highly motivated and focused. The responses to questions were quick and they have completed the tasks as scheduled. We believe that SEO with eBrandz has been the most cost-effective way to spend our marketing budget.

Naresh Malkani

CEO - indProperties.com Pvt. Ltd

The team has been fantastic. Every month like clockwork they deliver their reports, which show in detail the work done that month, along with my key website stats, which have grown consistently. They also respond to every question that I have. I'm very satisfied with the work eBrandz has done. I would absolutely recommend eBrandz to other companies. Without hesitation. In fact, I already have.

Stephen A Caswel

Principal - BeatingDiabetes.org

eBrandz team responded to my concerns very quickly and I have been impressed as to the prompt service as well as the on time schedule of the outline they provided me during our initial set up phase. I would not recommend eBrandz to any of my competitors! I whole-heartedly recommend eBrandz to anyone who wants to better their search engine rankings.

Trent Lee

CEO - Corporate Credit Concepts

eBrandz team has been very responsive and in about 5 weeks we saw considerable difference. Their marketing efforts have definitely made a difference to our business in terms of exposure and conversion. We would love to see more of them in the not-to-distant future

Althaf Ahmed - Head of Marketing and Advertising

Royal Forex Trading LLC

We are so grateful by your kind of service and dedicated work of SEO Services by carrying out link building strategies and many other methods. In a word, I can describe it as: Our purpose: Achieving. eBrandz's purpose: Goals. Thank you!

Koel Lerner


I was really impressed with the quick responses via IM and email. The PPC team at eBrandz brought a lot of skill and knowledge to the project and instantly grasped the complexities of my competitive business to produce desired results. I would recommend eBrandz to anyone who is looking for a highly professional marketing consultant for PPC services.

Adam Raidabaugh

President - ACORN Sales Company, Inc.

We had great success this Christmas and we had achieved a record for the amount of orders within 1 day! It has been a pleasure to work with them. Your general approach of overseeing our PPC campaign particularly the keywords created by you, truly worked for us! "Thank you eBrandz!

Craig Sandeman

Managing Directory - Giftday

We have been very pleased with the work conducted on our behalf by Ebrandz. They have been professional in their management of our account, expert in their advice, and efficient in reporting work undertaken. I am very pleased to recommend Ebrandz' services.

James Manktelow

CEO - MindTools Ltd.

We would like to Thank all of you for your hard work, and dedication to our company. We truly appreciate each and every one of your crew in helping us achieve our goals, bring us to #1 location's and broaden our horizons.


California Locksmith Services

eBrandz has done an outstanding job for us and we could not be more pleased. They have helped us to manage our Google PPC in a very efficient manner. I would recommend them to anyone

Thomas S. Tesauro

Sr. President, Scientific Sales, Inc.

This company really knows how to make my site increase its rank. The customer service is great. At first, I was hesitant to have this far flung company do my SEO. However, after a year with them, the savings and results are tremendous.

Erick Dizon

Owner, Raintecumbrella

eBrandz site looked much better, they were available for discussion. They seemed much more complete, trustworthy, and professional. Hence we signed up with them. Yes, we were concerned that it was a bit of a gamble prepaying for ANY service...but it turned out great. Yes, we have already recommended eBrandz and would continue to do so to others in future

Paul Culbertson


We decided to hire eBrandz because we liked the way they laid everything out. They told us and showed us exactly what they were going to do for us. Their # 1 ranking is where we want to be, their honesty was a reflection of the type of site we want to have. And we feel we have made the best choice, working with eBrandz



Since I have had even more trouble with some American companies, I would say the communications were adequate and... well, true. I could actually believe what was said, and if something was promised, it was delivered. We started seeing a significant increase in traffic very quickly, and it is now running at over 10K visitors per month. Yes, we would definitely recommend eBrandz as they provide very good work at excellent prices.

Eric C Anderson

Principal, Anderson Creations

The initial research of the PPC campaign has been impeccable. We had several conversations with them regarding various aspects of the campaign, like the keywords, and we were surprised at the way they responded with so much precision!

Bill Vaughan

President monogrammedgifts.com

The publicity and listing appearing in the web search, as well as the case studies and information listed on eBrandz website convinced us that it was a good and honest firm. It helped us increase business, as previously we did not have any traffic. However, now we have a good amount of traffic. I would absolutely recommend eBrandz to other companies

Mehdi Sultan

Europe on Rail Inc

The most important part of my campaign is keyword research. We are still working on the keyword research. But eBrandz team put a very thoughtful research of my industry and testing of different campaigns to insure targeted results. Because of the targeted campaigns we saw an increase in the number of inquiries which we were able to convert them into customers. Overall I found their services to be better than any US company. I can only give very good feedback

Craig Robins

Owner, Robins Consulting LLC

We find your customer service exemplary quick and exceptional. With quick response time, outstanding and punctual reports you have remarkably transformed our site into potentially visible one, consequentially driving more traffic and sales enquiries for us within the span of two months. I have already recommended your services to few of our friends and would gladly suggest your services to companies who desire to get more business online.

Mitchell Su

Owner, eFavormart

First I was concerned that I wouldn't get great results and that ebrandz would not get my industry in the US. But, no doubt, I have seen improvement in my business. First of all, I'm spending less on ppc now, and getting better results. As a consulting firm we always have a good flow of new clients, but since I've been with ebrandz, our flow of quality leads has definitely improved.

Dan Simons

Principal, VSAG

It would be unfair on my part if I do not applaud the professional and diligent team at eBrandz who took up the campaign as a challenge and did absolute justice to it. How else would we have enjoyed the desired result within such a short period of time!! I am looking to build my future PPC campaigns with eBrandz in mind. I would have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone. Keep it up guys.

Vin Patel

Principal, Beach Mart

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