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If you are an Australian based digital marketing agency and need external help, eBrandz ANZ offer a comprehensive and beneficial partnership that will keep both your clients’ businesses and your own growing and prospering.

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What we offer our resellers?
  • White label dashboard: We have a centralised SEO and communications hub that allows clients to check+out the US and UK, and is now in Aus! Offering a new level of transparency and efficiency.
  • Local team serving local clients: eBrandz ANZ has an Australian based team, meaning we understand the needs of local businesses and can offer greater levels of clarity in communication and SEO direction. Rest assured that all correspondence, content production and strategising is conducted by an Australian team for Australian clients.
  • No Setup Fees : You only pay for the local or national plan that you sign up to. The dashboard and the complete range of SEO and social tools are provided by eBrandz ANZ without charge.
  • No contracts: We have supreme confidence in the services we provide and, as such, offer results based SEO. Our outstanding retention rate is a testament to our success, without requiring a reliance on contracts. Don’t risk getting locked into six months or a year with an underperforming SEO partner.
  • White label SEO audit reports: We offer free reports that allow you and your clients to develop the most effective SEO plan. These incorporate keyword research, analysis of competition and relevant SEO data from software such as Moz and ahrefs.
  • White label marketing services: eBrandz ANZ have a range of SEO resources, from newsletters to presentations, which you can pass on to clients.
  • Unrivalled support: Whether you require information prior to a sale that will allow you to close the deal or have questions relating to ongoing campaigns, eBrandz ANZ have the expertise and the dedication to give you all the answers you need.

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Benefits of becoming an eBrandz

ANZ reseller
Unique Dashboard
Our dashboard system was developed utilising our many years of SEO expertise and is the easiest and most effective software in Australia for managing a multitude of SEO campaigns.
Comprehensive Audit Reports
We undertake professional SEO audits of your clients’ websites for free!
Reputation Monitoring
We gather and collate intelligence from a multitude of search engines and directories, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, allowing you to monitor your website’s visibility, consistency and reputation online.
SEO KPI Reports
eBrandz ANZ stand by all the work we undertake and are happy to provide reports that illustrate the results we achieve and the value of SEO to your clients. This ensures transparency, increases your reputation and helps you retain clients.
Australian Content
It is essential for local businesses to create content with a local flavour. From regional knowledge to Australian colloquialisms and spelling, eBrandz ANZ ensure that your content sparkles and engages your target audience.
Unparalleled Expertise
The team at eBrandz ANZ has many years of SEO experience and an extensive list of satisfied local and national clients. Always on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates, our SEO knowledge and services allow us to achieve amazing results on every campaign we work on.
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  • Agency Dashboard
  • SEO Audit Report
  • Client Dashboard
  • Reputation Intelligence
Don´t just take our word for it, hear what other Agencies are saying about eBrandz
Jason Puon,Jason Puon,CEO, Significant Ranking
I can’t still believe that you guys provide this dashboard for free! Your white label agency dashboard just made my life easier. I love the feature of accessing all my clients’ accounts– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google analytics & Web Master Tools from one location. Many of our clients feel that we have invested undreds of thousands of dollars in the technology powering the white label dashboard, which helps them perceive us differently than our competition!
Dvork, CEO,Dvork, CEO, Dvork Marketing Group Inc.
eBrandz white label dashboard is just an amazing platform for agencies like mine who need an easy-to-use dashboard for managing and tracking their clients. The SEO intelligence API makes it easy to understand how well my clients’ website is progressing. My clients are so happy with the reports and results they have achieved so far. Kudos to the eBrandz team!
The most professional & quality white label SEO service I have received so far at affordable rates. Now I don’t have to look for freelancers to outsource my client’s SEO work. Previously I used to work with freelancers – but most of their work was hit by the Panda Update. None of my sites with eBrandz were affected. They always look at long term best practices, which helps my clients stay ahead of competition. The best part is that, I can focus ongetting sales and not worry about being affected by the monthly Google Updates.

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eBrandz is an example of a white label SEO company that rivals the best in the world.

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SEO Reseller Options

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Perth our Australian SEO reseller offerings can help you succeed. We also serve Hobart, too!

Some SEO companies see opportunities to branch into areas of SEO that they are not equipped to handle. eBrandz could be the perfect partner to help you ensure you don’t lose out on opportunities to increase the services your customers buy from you.

Do you need quality web content writing services? Are you in need of professional social media optimisation packages? What about management of Google Adwords campaigns? Talk to eBrandz about our SEO reseller services for your Australian business. We have 250+ team members across several offices with staff working around the clock ensuring that regardless of your time zone you’ll get quick responses. Due to our infrastructure we are in a great position to offer you quality services at a low price point, ensuring you get quality services for your customers and ensuring you have the ability to earn profit at the same time. You can even give your clients access to our robust dashboard that can be accessed from your website.

White Label SEO: Partner with Us

Our job with white label SEO services is to help you look good. Talk to us today about your needs and leverage the power of a team of SEO professionals with over a decade of success behind us. Talk to us today about your needs.

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